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belgrade festivals


Belgrade Beer Fest Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Beer Fest, the greatest beer festival in south eastern Europe was firstly organised in 2003. It is held in August at the Park of Friendship at Ušće, the confluence


Belgrade Boat Carnival Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Boat Carnival  is a one-day traditional city event that promotes Sava and Danube and its mouth along with nautical tourism.


Belgrade Dance Festival Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, thanks to this festival, has become an important point in the biography of ballet artists, the city in which new and iconic dance pieces are presnted and interwined, in


Belgrade Fashion Week Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Fashion Week established in 1996 was designed having as an example same events in world's fashion centers.


Belgrade Jazz Festival Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Jazz Festival can be called outstanding among international cultural events in Serbia: it was founded in 1971 and this oldest and most famous Jazz Festival could not be missed


Belgrade Marathon Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Marathon is held in April which is the best month for visiting Serbia and meeting its beauty and sights.


Guitar Art Festival Belgrade, Serbia

Guitar Art Festival was firstly held in 2000. Today it is an international and professional event that gathers classic and other guitarists of all ages and with different experience from

Mikser House (2)

Mikser Festival Belgrade, Serbia

Mikser is a non-for-profit network of professionals and enthusiasts involved in production of various trans-cultural projects dedicated to development of creative economy in Serbia and the region.


Night of Museums Belgrade, Serbia

Night of Museums  is organized once per year in middle May. During this night almost all Museums, Galleries and Exhibition zones are open to public whilst the exhibitions are presented


Street of Open Heart Belgrade, Serbia

Traditional city event Street of Open Heart which is held on the 1st of January many decades in Belgrade.


BELEF Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Summer Festival BELEF was founded in 1991 as an international festival of theaters, music and visual arts.


BEMUS Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Music Festival BEMUS was founded in 1969 and is now the oldest and the most important music festival in Serbia.