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Belgrade Free Walking Tour

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Feel free to join us every day at 10:00 AM in front of the Prince Mihailo monument at the Republic Square! Discover incredible Belgrade with us! Welcome!

BELGRADE – FREE Walking tour

No more random wandering around the city and dull tours that provide only basic information in the same old fashioned way! We are here to introduce to you a new unique personal experience and way to explore magnificent Belgrade with local guides that really love their home city and are willing to brighten up your trip with total commitment. Enjoy an unforgettable day and feel the spirit of Serbian capital… totally for free!

Our 2,5 hours tour starts from Belgrade City center on the Republic Square with famous edifices of National Theater and National Museum. Get a look at Skadarlija – Bohemian quarter, prominent restaurant zone. Follow the guide up to Dorćol neighborhood and see local “Silicon Valley”, which isn’t, however, famous for high-tech… Meet Old Belgrade and learn about the historical image of the capital. Breath in fresh air at Kalemegdan Park on the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube. “Conquer” Belgrade Fortress and unveil „The Victor“ monument. Learn for whom the bell of the Church of St. Michael the Archangel tolls and pop into traditional Serbian cafe called Kafana “?”. Local guide and fantastic stories are included!

WHY FREE TOUR: Our mission is to let you experience Belgrade in a different way, no matter your budget.  That’s why we present name-your-own-price Belgrade Walking Tour! Our guides are Belgrade-lovers passionate about their city, always motivated and willing to create your memorable experience. So, don´t be shy to encourage them , tips are more than appreciated!

  • Skadarlija – Bohemian quarter
  • Silicon Valley
  • Belgrade Fortress

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DEPARTURE: Republic Square – near the monument of Prince Mihailo (horseman)

DEPARTURE TIME: Every day @ 10:00 am

DURATION: 2,5 hours

IMPORTANT: Look for red marked/dressed guide