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Flower Square and Yugoslav Drama Theater

Cvetni trg

Flower Square and Yugoslav Drama Theater

Cvetni trg in Serbian or Flower Square is one of the most favorite location of Belgrade residents. It was formed in the first half of the 19th century as a flower market and covered the area of Vračar district between streets of King Milan, Njegoševa and Svetozara Markovića Streets.

It was renovated and redesigned several times, and the last time – in 2015. Residents of Vračar proudly claim that the first self-service supermarket was opened at the Flower Square and it was one of the biggest shops of this kind in Balkans that even nowadays has the central part of the Square. It is surrounded with authentic facades among which is the building of „Society for embellishment of Vračar“, one of the pearls of Belgrade’s architecture.

Flower Square hosts numerous cafes and bares and no wonder that in spring times you may see famous figures of urban Belgrade’s culture, locals, students and tourists, that create an authentic and vivid spirit of this spot.

Across the road is proudly raising above the street on the most beautiful edifice of modern Belgrade architecture – the Yugoslav Drama Theater (JDP). The theater was founded in 1947 as a representative stage of new, post-war Yugoslavia. Prominent actors from Zagreb, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, Split, Ljubljana and other cities, headed with the founder of the theater Bojan Stupica, participated in creating of this stage.

As the result of bad indoor wiring on the 17th October 1997 original building of JDP burnt to the ground. Six years later, in 2003 the new modern and impressive building designed by architect Zoran Radojičić was opened. Central hall of the Theater is decorated with a sculpture by Mrđan Bajić, whilst tickets have to be booked in advance.

Tours that include visit to the Square: