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Museum of Yugoslav History and House of Flowers

25 Mart

Museum of Yugoslav History and House of Flowers

Memorial complex Museum of Yugoslav History is one the most famous sights of Belgrade. It is located at Dedinje, elite part of Belgrade, on a hill with a splendid view over the downtown. The Museum is devoted to the former State of the Southern Slavs, Yugoslavia, with a special emphasis on life and impact of the ruler of that time, Josip Broz Tito. The park of the Complex is decorated with a monumental fountain and sculptors of famous Yugoslav sculptors 3 buildings are located: Museum 25th of May, Old Museum and House of Flowers.

According to the project of famous architect Mika Janković „Museum 25th of May“ was built in the beginning of the 60-s of the 20th century. The idea was that the Museum would be a present from the city of Belgrade to Tito for his 70th birthday. In honour of this date the Museum was actually called. Expositions and collection of more than 75 000 objects represent Yugoslav history, starting from people’s liberation wars during the Second World War and foundation of the State until its end in the beginning of the 90-s.

Not far away from the Museum’s building, House of Flowers, beautiful villa of 900 sq.m , is located. It was built in 1975 as a winter residence of Marshal Tito near the residence he actually lived in. The villa has three parts: central – flower garden, two livings parts and an outdoor garden in front of the main entrance with a view over Belgrade. According to his personal will, in 1980 Tito was buried in the central part of the residence. Since then this complex has been one of the most visited in country.

When visiting the Complex visitors may see a part of ethnographic exhibition and chosen presents that Tito received from foreign delegations and leaders. This objects are located in the building „Old Museum“ near the House of Flowers.

Tours that include visit to the Museum: