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Republic Square

Trg Republike

Republic Square

The Republic Square, once known as Theater Square, is the very center of capital’s life and favorite place of meeting and goodbyes. Big Square hosts a monument Prince Mihailo Obrenović and is surrounded by impressive edifices of the National Museum and National Theater. This center of city events is full of cafes and restaurants. Republic Square is always crowded, which is perfect for feeling urban ambient of the city. If we mention, that Republic Square is the beginning of Knez Mihailova, main street and shopping zone, it becomes clear that Republic Square is Belgrade’s must-see.

After liberation of some parts of Serbia, thanks to diplomacy of Prince Mihailo Obrenović, Belgrade started to develop, and so did the Republic Square. Istanbul Gate that had been located here was destroyed. The first edifice raised here was the National Theater as ordered beloved Prince-Liberator Mihailo. In order to thank Prince Mihailo Obrenović for his deeds aimed to develop Belgrade and Serbia, residents of Belgrade decided to unveil a monument to him.

After a competition the honour of designing the monument was entrusted to Italian sculptor Enrico Pazzi. The monument that refers to Italian Renaissance was unveiled in 1882. The statue is installed on a bronze pedestal decorated with bronze ornaments and bronze boards with the names of towns liberated by the Prince.

The statue of Prince Mihailo depicts him raising his hand and pointing to southern Serbian lands that were not liberated at that moment.

Tours that include visit to the Square: